A photo of the exterior of the legislative assembly. The camera is pointing upwards, focusing on the dome on top of the building.

Visitor Information

The Legislative Assembly Building in Fredericton has been the seat and symbol of democracy in New Brunswick since 1882, when it replaced a building that had been destroyed by fire two years earlier.

The Legislative Assembly Building is a three-story sandstone building with mansard roof and corner towers built in the Second Empire Style. Its central octagon domed tower, which rises 41 metres above the main roof level, is a Fredericton landmark.

  • There is no public parking available at Parliament Square. Public and municipal parking lots are located nearby.
  • Only authorized vehicles are permitted at Parliament Square.
  • All visitors to the Legislative Assembly buildings are required to go through security screening. Line-ups are to be expected, so we recommend that you allow extra time. * Valid government issued ID is required (i.e. driver’s license, passport etc.)
  • Visitors are asked to ensure they refrain from arriving at the Legislative Assembly with any prohibited or restricted devices.
  • Visitors are asked to respect signage where visitor access is off limits.
Special Needs
  • All buildings are wheelchair accessible. We can accommodate most special needs. Please call (506) 453-2527 for more information.

Attending a Legislative Session

A visit to the Legislative Assembly Building when the Legislature is in session includes attendance during a sitting.

Space in the galleries is limited. You should be aware that we have only 100 seats in the student or group area of the public galleries; therefore, larger groups may have to be split.

Simultaneous Translation

The Legislative Assembly operates in both official languages and the Public Galleries are equipped with receptacles to allow guests to hear the proceedings in the language of their choice.

Visitors' Gallery Rules

  • Visitors are not permitted to smoke, read books, or stand in or behind the galleries. Note-taking is approved in the Gallery, by pen and paper, not by electronic device.
  • Use of cameras, tape recorders, transistor radios, cellular telephones, or electronic devices is prohibited. Cellular telephones are permitted for executive assistants in the front row.
  • Visitors must abstain from applause or making any interruption or disturbance.
  • Before entering the galleries, all overcoats, cameras, packages, umbrellas, and bags (other than handbags) should be deposited with the attendant.
  • The Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick accepts no responsibility for goods of value deposited with the attendant.

Booking a Tour

If your field trip to Fredericton is in the planning stages but is not yet a certainty, we suggest you book a tour anyway. You can always cancel or reschedule the tour for another day if necessary. If you have booked a tour and have to cancel or reschedule, we ask that you let us know as soon as possible. Similarly, if you will be significantly delayed en route, we ask that you let us know immediately.

If your class or group has special needs or interests, we would like to hear about them when you are arranging the tour. We are able to custom-tailor tours, but we require preparation time to do this effectively. So please give us all the relevant information when booking your tour.

The visitor services coordinator will arrange for space in the public galleries for groups wishing to observe. Space in the Galleries is limited. You should be aware that we have only 100 seats in the student or group area of the public galleries; therefore, larger groups (10 or more) may have to be split.

It is essential that all school and group visits be arranged in advance.

We ask that you contact the visitor services coordinator directly, rather than going through a third party or delegating a student to make the arrangements.

If for some reason you wish to see a member of the Legislative Assembly other than the one for your school area, we ask that you arrange this independently.

Student Behavior

We ask that you, the teacher or group leader, take full responsibility for the behaviour of your group while on tour or attending the session. Students should be aware that the building they are visiting is not only the seat of government, but also an office building in which many people work. Students are therefore expected to adhere to the normal standards of courtesy and conduct.