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Built in 1882, the present Legislative Assembly Building in Fredericton is the seat and symbol of democracy in New Brunswick.

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February 6, 2023
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February 7, 2023
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February 8, 2023
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February 9, 2023
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February 13, 2023
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Recently Introduced Bills
Bill No : 28 Supplementary Appropriations Act 2022-2023 (1) Status : Royal Assent
Bill No : 27 An Act to Amend the Employment Standards Act Status : SecondReadingReferredToCommitteeStatus
Bill No : 26 An Act to Amend the Industrial Relations Act Status : First Reading
Bill No : 25 An Act Respecting Residential Tenancies Status : Royal Assent
Bill No : 24 An Act to Amend the Business Corporations Act Status : SecondReadingReferredToCommitteeStatus
Bill No : 23 An Act to Amend the Public Service Labour Relations Act Status : Royal Assent
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Party Standings

  • 29 Progressive Conservative Party
  • 13 Liberal Party
  • 3 Green Party
  • 1 Independent
  • 3 Vacant

A photo of the legislative chamber, featuring several rows of empty chairs and desks for members.

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