Internship Program

The New Brunswick Legislative Internship Program helps students in New Brunswick universities work closely with elected members of the legislature and other officials on public policy issues, constituency affairs, and other matters that are part of contemporary parliamentary government in Canada. The Program is non-partisan and is supported by public funds.

Legislative interns learn about the practical operation of parliamentary government, the relationship between elected members and constituents, mechanisms of accountability, and the ebb and flow of public policy issues and how these influence the priorities of government and opposition caucuses.

The New Brunswick Legislative Internship Program began as a pilot with one student in January 2020. With the support of the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly and the Future GNB initiative of New Brunswick’s Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training, and Labour, the program has since supported two senior-level New Brunswick university students for five months of part-time work from January to May of each year. Day-to-day administration of the Program is carried out by the Legislative Librarian. The Program is overseen by a Director and steering committee comprising professors in the departments of political science in the province’s universities.

Interns are not assigned to a caucus or an MLA. Instead, they make themselves available to MLAs from any caucus who are in need of research assistance. In addition, they may be called upon to complete assignments for one or more Legislative Officers such as the Auditor General of New Brunswick or the Office of the Ombud.

Interns commit 20 hours per week during their work term, combining their internship responsibilities with their university studies. Much of their work can be performed remotely but they are expected to work occasionally at the Legislature in Fredericton. Interns are offered a stipend and may also be eligible for academic credit from their home universities.