Higgs, Blaine
  • Premier
  • President of the Executive Council
  • Minister responsible for Intergovernmental Affairs
Allain, Daniel
  • Minister of Local Government and Local Governance Reform
Austin, Kris
  • Austin, Kris

  • Progressive Conservative Party
  • Fredericton - Grand Lake
  • Minister of Public Safety
Carr, Jeff
  • Carr, Jeff

  • Progressive Conservative Party
  • New Maryland - Sunbury
  • Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure
Crossman, Gary
  • Minister of Environment and Climate Change
Dunn, Arlene
  • Dunn, Arlene

  • Progressive Conservative Party
  • Saint John Harbour
  • Minister of Aboriginal Affairs
  • Minister responsible for Economic Development and Small Business
  • Minister responsible for Opportunities NB
  • Minister responsible for Immigration
Fitch, Bruce
  • Minister of Health
Flemming, Hugh J.A. (Ted)
  • Attorney General
  • Minister of Justice
Green, Jill
  • Green, Jill

  • Progressive Conservative Party
  • Fredericton North
  • Minister of Service New Brunswick
  • Minister responsible for Housing
Hogan, Bill
  • Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development
Holder, Trevor
  • Minister of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour
Holland, Mike
  • Minister of Natural Resources and Energy Development
Johnson, Margaret
  • Minister of Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries
Savoie, Glen
  • Savoie, Glen

  • Progressive Conservative Party
  • Saint John - East
  • Minister responsible for La Francophonie
Savoie, Réjean
  • Minister responsible for the Regional Development Corporation
Scott-Wallace, Tammy
  • Minister responsible for Women's Equality
  • Minister of Tourism, Heritage and Culture
Shephard, Dorothy
  • Minister of Social Development
  • Minister responsible for the Economic and Social Inclusion Corporation
Steeves, Ernie
  • Minister of Finance and Treasury Board