The mandate of the Committee, with respect to climate change and environmental stewardship, shall include the following:

  • ◌ To receive updates from the Department of Environment and Local Government on progress towards the implementation of New Brunswick’s Climate Change Action Plan;
  • ◌ To call on specific departments, agencies, key stakeholders and subject matter experts to provide updates on implementation efforts;
  • ◌ To gather factual information on climate change, environmental stewardship and any other related issues by engaging with experts and stakeholders in the fields of natural environment and natural resource management;
  • ◌ To prepare reports with recommendations to the Legislative Assembly.

Committee Membership

Cullins, Ryan
  • Cullins, Ryan

  • Progressive Conservative Party
  • Fredericton - York
Ames, Richard
  • Ames, Richard

    Vice Chair
  • Progressive Conservative Party
  • Carleton - York
Arseneault, Guy
Crossman, Gary
Dawson, Mike
  • Dawson, Mike

  • Progressive Conservative Party
  • Southwest Miramichi - Bay du Vin
Holland, Mike
Johnson, Margaret
LePage, Gilles
Mallet, Eric
Mitton, Megan
Wetmore, Ross
  • Wetmore, Ross

  • Progressive Conservative Party
  • Gagetown - Petitcodiac

Recent Meetings

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September 22, 2022
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