Unlike Public Bills, which pertain to matters of public policy, Private Bills pertain to special powers or exemptions from the general law and originate with the municipality, company or individual which seeks the special power or exemption. A person may apply for the enactment of a Private Bill pursuant to Part XIII of the Standing Rules. The Standing Committee on Private Bills considers and reports to the Assembly on applications for Private Bills. Private Bills are referred to the committee after receiving first reading.Representations for and against the Bills are heard by the committee.Any person whose interests or property may be affected by a Private Bill may appear before the Committee to express their concerns. Private Bills reported from the Standing Committee on Private Bills stand for second reading. Standing Rule 121 states that Private Bills, after second reading, shall be ordered for third reading unless five Members signify that the Bill should be ordered for the Committee of the Whole House.

Committee Membership

Anderson-Mason, Andrea
Wilson, Mary
  • Wilson, Mary

    Vice Chair
  • Progressive Conservative Party
  • Oromocto-Lincoln-Fredericton
Ames, Richard
Arseneau, Kevin
Arseneault, Guy
Bockus, Kathy
Conroy, Michelle
Cullins, Ryan
  • Cullins, Ryan

  • Progressive Conservative Party
  • Fredericton - York
Gauvin, Robert
Mallet, Eric
Turner, Greg

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